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Kolor-D Pro Hotfolders is designed for Graphic Arts automatic workflows and for Large, Micro and Mini Photo labs. In addition to Photo-D Pro IES features Kolor-D Pro Hotfolders has automatic workflow capabilities. A Photo lab owner can define an input Hot Folder and destination Hot Folder, the system will monitor the input Hot Folder and will enhance sets of photos upon arrival, sending the enhanced set to the predefined output folder, for printing or CD writer. The expert system can detect a command string provided with the set of pictures and act upon those instructions.

Hotfolders Optional Configurations: Hotfolder Single ,Hotfolders Multiple, Hotfolder Network.

Hotfolders Add-on: PDF, Scale, RAW, W-CA

Pro Hotfolders Multiple Main Window
(Larger image)

Pro Hotfolders Selected Images Workflow
(Larger image)




Fully automatic analysis and correction.


Gets a set of digital images from any storage device and displays the photos.

Good images remain untouched.


Automatic photo analysis and enhancement.

Simple and easy to use.


Automatic fix of over/under exposure.

High productivity.


Automatic Brightness improvement.

Superior quality.


Automatic Contrast adjustment.

Consistent and stable.


Automatic Gamma correction.

Fast processing.


Automatic image Sharpen/Soften.

Saving time.


Automatic Color cast Removal.

Saving consumables.


Automatic fix of Color balance.

Supports Customization.


Automatic Color enhancement.



Automatic Dark/mid/highlight details enhancement.



Semi-automatic Red Eye removal.

One time Install.


Support all known image format.



Crop to fit.

Process and save every set of hundreds images by one mouse click.


Preferences window for customization of: Dark details, white balance, colorful, selective hues, sharpen/soften, paper type, Input/Output device, image size & resolution.

ICC workflow


(Add-on) Smart Scaling (digital enlargement) according to predefined size.

Confirm Window with CMY, Gamma & Brightness Manual Controls.


(Add-on) Funk-in-form XML interface

Single/Multiple Hotfolders (Input/Output).


(Add-on) RAW Module conversion and correction of RAW images.

Hotfolder Pdf


(Add-on) PDF Module enhancement of images within a PDF.

Hotfolder Network.


(Add-on) W-CA Workflow Color Adjuster


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