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Moshe Keydar - Chairman & CEO

Moshe is the founder and the CEO of KlearVision. Moshe has over 20 years experience in Imaging market, being a part of innovative successful technologies in high quality imaging products (ccd scanner, digital camera, ink-jet printers,DFE,image retouching systems). Moshe worked 13 years at Scitex and 2 years at Creo at various r&d and business activities, in all geographic segments, and 7 years at other advanced industries such as Aircraft Industries - Space technologies. Moshe holds a B.Sc in Mathematics, Tel-Aviv University and M.Sc Computer Vision at Weizmman Institute of Science.

Arthur Mayer-Sommer - Director

Born and educated in Switzerland, Arthur Mayer-Sommer has spent 20 years in metal and thermoplastic raw material trade. In recent years he made significant investments in real estate, startups and listed companies. A graduate of Switzerland's most prestigious universities, he holds an MBA from HSG and a Masters in Chemistry from ETH.


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